Team Boss Battles!!

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Team Boss Battles!!

Post  Aki on Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:32 am

Team Boss Battles - Now On!

In this competition 2 player teams need to kill a boss in the fastest possible time, time is measured from the point in which party button is pressed, time should be stopped when the boss does the dying animation. Teams will have to have someone be a judge and time this for them, judges to send the report mail to Zeeca.

Participation in this competition will be 25 ce per team member so 50 ce for the whole team.

Every 2 weeks we will get to fight a new boss for this competition. Starting Monday 11th Feb it will be snarbie follwed by jk, rt and then finally vana. The rules are as follows:


Any shield and armor
Only 2 weapons
UV’s (Unique Variant’s)

No allowed:


Penalties :

Pill – 15 seconds
Ce rev – 30 seconds
Loss of heath at the end – 2 seconds per bar of health and 1 second for a half of a bar of health, this will be added onto the total.
Party revive – Both players must stop playing Spiral knights, jk, penalty of 2min is added.

Penalties from both players of the team will be added up so both players affect the overall time ( If 1 players uses 1 pill and the other players CE revives himself their time will be increased for 45seconds )

Once you have completed your boss battle please send a mail to Zeeca giving details of the following:

Names of entrants
Time of completion
What weapons/armor used
Number of pills used
Amount of ce revives
Amount of health lost
Amount of party revives
Also mail entrance fees ^_^

Prizes to be confirmed.

Snarbie team boss battle will finish on Sun 3rd March.

Good luck!

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