Endurance competition!

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Endurance competition!

Post  Zeeca on Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:01 am

Clockworks endurance competition

Levo's brainchild is here! Its a competition on which team can make it furthest in the clockworks using only 2 star equipment. This competition is taking place in the Silver rock gate ( Vanaduke gate ) and all teams must start from depth 0, Basile and towns along the way can be used as save spots, players can stop their run there and continue from there some other time.

  • Party consists of 4 people.
  • Party has to start from depth 0.
  • Only 2 star weapons, armor sets and shields are allowed.
  • Health trinkets are allowed but only 2 star ones and all other trinkets can be 5 star.
  • Only 4 weapons allowed for the whole run and neither the shield or any armor piece is to be changed during the run, in case someone hasn't got all 4 weapon slots or both trinket slots unlocked, they are allowed to change weapons but the over all number of weapons used for the run has to be 4 and for trinkets 2.
  • Every party member has to take a screenshot of their character view while standing close to the end level elevator as proof of what equipment they used, those images need to be uploaded on their steam profiles, in case some party member isn't a steam user he should have 1 other person from the party take a screenshot of their inspect window and upload them as well as their own. If another person is taking your screenshots make sure its always the same person.
  • No costumes are allowed
  • All UV's are allowed ( UV = Unique variant )
  • Players are supposed to form their own teams and have one member apply them all
  • Entry fee is 100ce per team ( 25 ce per team member ), entry fee is to be mailed to Zeeca by the person who applies the team.
  • Buying pills is not allowed for this event.

  • Teams are allowed to choose which levels they will do on all depths except depth 16, on depth 16 they must do the Venom fang arena - Slimey showdown.

Remember that not all 2 star items need to be bought with crowns, snarbolax tokens can get you some items, so can the twins tokens, we all have some costume and mission items laying around so lets put them to good use. Good luck!

Team play or no play!

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Samo and Gnomzer

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:05 am

Hope it works this time, if not, I just wasted so much of my time uploading these XD


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