Tiny salvage

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Tiny salvage

Post  Zeeca on Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:16 am

Hey there gang, recently I was forced to format my C partition to reinstall my windows ( there was no time to salvage things from C drive sadly No ) and in the process I lost the folder with all my SK screenshots and photoshop work. Today I found a few SK items on my photobucket account and thought I post them here in case anyone needs them.

Exalt logos:


Old Exalt Website:

And some old avataras ( only a few ):

I guess other then the very first logo nothing will be of any use, maybe the old website, anyway, at least the logo version with no glow survived in a fairly good resolution so if anyone needs it in this simple state they won't have to cut it out from the screenshot.

Take care gang and stay cool :-)

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