Guildhall Refurbishment

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Guildhall Refurbishment

Post  Sir-Plumbledoor on Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:10 am

Hello to all, I've finally managed to get back online to some degree and gave the go ahead for something we've been wanting to do for a while

It was noted that multiple members would like the Giant Roarmulus Twin statues in our hall, we have the supplies to do so, though only problem we have is... where do we put them? Which is why after discussing it with the Officers, we'd like to have a full Guildhall refurbishment

Now, of course there are certain elements we'd like to keep the same, if not similar and some filler rooms we'd like to keep, though bear in mind we have the top east wing floor that ideally could have better filler rooms than our maze and single themed room with the moorecroft stuff, but of course this is down to what all of us would like in the hall

-Suggested rooms-
Barracks of sorts
Party room of sorts

-Officers only-
Console room
Entrance hall

I shall add more suggestions to the rooms based on what replies I get to this forum post

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