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Recruitment system

Post  Sir-Plumbledoor on Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:16 am

One major point I have with the current recruitment system is the near 5 star minimum requirement or having contact with a current member, it does give the image that Exalt is exclusive. I think we should be open to more knights in game, despite their current position in the Rankings, though of course we don't want to get flooded with knights who are just simply looking for a guild for the sake of being in a guild as so many rookies do.
My opinion says we could have a 3 star requirement, as that is when a knight has given them self some footing in the game and is starting to decide what kind of player they want to be

I also don't think we need to necessarily "advertise" ourselves as in putting zone messages and the like, we already get a fair amount of new recruits frequently from the look of the event log on the Guild Halls console, though that being said, that is mainly Vanguards and the like, considering the current requirements we have in motion.
I noticed some of you would like to have rookies in the guild to help them along the ranks and such, and I agree as well, I like jumping into lower rank missions to help out rising players as well, so we may need to get our name out there to the new knights that we'll help em out if they would like to be an Exaltian, the features we have in our guild, such as the application, will decide if our guild is actually right for them as well

There was also suggestions of features to assist rookies, such as tips on how to teamwork (Considering SK's become quite an individual game now) and I would be for this as well. The steam system has guides players can write and upload for people searching for them, perhaps we could write a guild to Cradle, giving crucial to know points about being a Spiral Knight (Such as insight to how status effects work, shield cancelling, introduction to the Coliseum and so on)

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Re: Recruitment system

Post  Phyll on Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:12 am

I am so so so in favour of lowering to a 3* requirement, though with an allowance in special cases for possibly lower, though I imagine most of those cases would be friends of the guild. I think 3* is probably about a good point because they've shown that they are probably going to play for a while, and not just join and disappear forever (because I uhm. never disappear for long periods of time >.>). I also am in the liking to do lowlevel runs group, and helping out new players is something i pretty generally enjoy.

I like the current "passive" recruiting method, as I feel with more "active" recruiting, you don't get that same sort of scrutiny that we currently have. I like people coming to us, because they see us as skilled, or friendly, or that we've blown way too many crowns on good equipment. Something about active recruiting just bothers me, it feels like spamming to me. There is no benefit to us in actively recruiting, other than the possibility of making more friends, but i don't feel that will be the actual outcome of more active recruiting.

I would be willing to help contribute to any guides (that i'm qualified for, such as drunk BN mastery) or anything, and I think that could be a great guild project and a great way to help out newer players.


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