Avenging Shining Falcon ( Team Boss Battles - Jelly King )

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Avenging Shining Falcon ( Team Boss Battles - Jelly King )

Post  Zeeca on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:23 am

The second team boss battles competition is here, this time it's JK! While doing this competition we will also help get a knight to his final resting place ( and also help some guildies get some money and some tokens, also the guild it self might get some more donations this way) .

A brave knight called Shiningfalcon once tried to defeat the notorious Jelly King. The knight fought bravely and with a full heart, but, sadly, his battle ended up in defeat. This shining knight must be avenged! He is stuck in a spiraling world of limbo and is not able to reach the heights of the Spiral Valhalla until he is avenged. This is a call to all of the Exalt knights, avenge the shining knight, kill the Jelly King, so the knight can reach the Spiral Valhalla and feast on the sweet jelly with all the other fallen Almirian and spiral order knights that shine up there, at the sky.

The rules are as follows:

All trinkets
All armor sets and shields
All weapons but one

For this battle teams can be formed from 1 to 3 players. Entry fee will be 30 CE per person ( for a 3 player team it will be 90 total ). Competition starts 21st April and lasts until 15th of May.

Not allowed:

Dark retribution bomb!

Penalties :

Pill – 15 seconds
Ce rev – 30 seconds
Loss of heath at the end – 2 seconds per bar of health and 1 second for a half of a bar of health, this will be added onto the total.
Party revive 2 min added to total time.

Penalties from all players of the team will be added up so all players affect the overall time ( If 1 players uses 1 pill and another player CE revives himself their teams will be increased for 45 seconds )

Once you have completed your boss battle please send a mail to Zeeca giving details of the following:

Names of entrants
Time of completion ( Time is measured from the moment the gate goes down at the boss until he shows the dieing animation )
What weapons were used to take down the boss
Number of pills used, if any
Amount of ce revives, if any
Amount of health lost, if any
Amount of party revives, if any
Also mail entrance fees ^_^

Prizes will be formed from the entry fee's

Every participant will get a achievement icon next to their name on the wiki!!! Avenger

Good luck! Very Happy

Team play or no play!

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